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CEMA is the European Trade Association for the manufacturers of agricultural machinery and solutions. It is a nonprofit international Association created by Statutes and registered under Title III of the Belgian law of 27 June 1921 relating to “associations sans but lucratif, associations internationales sans but lucratif” (non-profit associations) and charitable foundations.
The Association is called “Comité Européen des Groupements de Constructeurs du Machinisme Agricole” abbreviated as "CEMA".
The Association’s registered office is established at Schaerbeek (B-1030 Brussels), Boulevard A. Reyers 80.
The Association’s main task is to protect the interests of agricultural machinery manufacturers on technical, legal, economic and social issues by networking, lobbying, creating expertise
Main Task:
The Technical (*) advisor contributes to the implementation of decisions taken by the Technical Board and detailed actions defined by the Project Teams within CEMA. The Technical advisor supports the Technical Director in
delivering the secretariat services to the Technical Board.
Furthermore, the Technical advisor will co-operate with the other CEMA secretariat members in organizing other CEMA activities.
(*) Technical does include environmental matters (such as exhaust emission, bio fuels, pesticides,...)
Especially the following tasks will be part of the duties:
Information and Analysis:
• To inform member associations about relevant new activities within Europe, relevant for the members of CEMA
To evaluate the implications of future EU legislation for the industry, bring the relevant points to the attention of the CEMA bodies, as well as to develop proposals for CEMA positions and strategies for those topics
To help define, together with the Technical Board, the priorities of CEMA’s technical work
Internal Organisation / Co-ordination
• To manage CEMA Project Team meetings and to coordinate the agreed activities
• To provide support for a technical session during the Board meeting on the technical activities
Representation of CEMA / Networking / Public Information
• To represent CEMA and the interests of the manufacturers of tractors and agricultural machines with regard to European institutions as well as related associations, organisations and industries.
• To establish contacts with the relevant EU institutions on an expert level with regard to technical topics
• To co-ordinate/support lobbying actions concerning European legislation with regard to technical topics
• To co-operate with partner organizations for technical topics
• To prepare articles, press releases, etc. on technical topics promoting CEMA and the agricultural
machinery industry
• Graduate in engineering or similar technical background with 2-3 year professional experience in the engineering industry / related organisations
• Working language is English. Notions of French and German are a plus
• Knowledge and familiarity of the products of the CEMA sector or knowledge of agronomics or farm practices are a plus
• Knowledge of the EU institutions and the legislative process, both the old approach (tractors) and the new approach (machinery), are a strong plus
• Knowledge of international standardization processes is a plus
• 2 to 3 years Industry experience is a strong plus
• Ability to express technical topics clearly and understandable to non-experts (written and spoken English)
• Ability to independently work, but consensus oriented
• Capability and assertiveness to manage groups
• Flexibility in working time and allocation of time for CEMA work
• Willingness to travel for meetings within Europe and from time to time outside Europe

Organizational integration
• Position based in Brussels
• Estimated annual working time for CEMA: full-time

Candidates should email their CV and motivational letter by 31/01/2019:
Only selected candidates will be called for a personal interview in Brussels.
Indicative starting date: 04/03/2019


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